Telehealth Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists offering Telehealth are:

Larissa Vishniakoff
Carrie Viola
Kendall Segin
Karen Boyle
Sean Lee

  • Discovery Session: 15 min FREE
  • Ergonomic Assessment: 25 mins $85
  • Initial Assessment: 55 mins $130 (Pelvic Floor Physio – $160)
  • Subsequent Treatment: 25 mins $85 (Pelvic Floor Physio – $90)
  • Extended Subsequent Treatment: 40 mins $115 (Pelvic Floor Physio – $125)
  • ICBC user fee: Initial Assessment – $0, 30 min – $4, 45 min – $34, 60 min – $69
  • MSP user fee: $80 initial visit, $45 subsequent visit

Book a Telehealth Physio appointment now

Our virtual 1:1 sessions are an effective way to treat any client who can not make it to an in-person appointment. You will be able to access the same high quality of care from the comfort of your own home or office. All of our Physiotherapists are offering this service, including our Clinical Pilates trained Physiotherapists and our Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. We even offer a streamlined Ergonomic Assessment to help give you real-time feedback and tips on your desk and work environment.

We are happy to offer all new and existing clients a FREE 15-minute discovery session! During this free 15-minute session, if you and your therapist decide you are appropriate and would like to continue your session, you may be able to roll directly into a follow-up or initial assessment Telehealth Physio session with your therapist OR your therapist will help you find a time to book this session at a later date or time.

Common conditions we can treat via Telehealth:

  • Musculoskeletal conditions: postural pain, sprains/strains, whiplash, sports injuries, pre and post-operative care
  • Chronic pain
  • Nerve pain and weakness
  • Injuries secondary to motor vehicle accidents
  • Concussion
  • Pelvic Floor dysfunction and conditions
  • General conditioning and injury prevention via personalized home exercise programs
  • Ergonomics (assessment of your desk/work environment)


How to Log in to Your Appointment:

We are using this JaneApp platform for your Telehealth appointments. This platform is secure and encrypted. 

To log in, follow the directions in your booking and reminder emails to access your JaneApp My Account page. Then click on the video icon saying “Begin” beside your appointment details. Follow the prompts and consent to enter the virtual platform and start your session with your therapist.

Helpful hints for a Successful Telehealth session:

– Be sure to arrive a few minutes early to test your equipment

– Check your internet connection and ensure it is at least 15Mbps

– We recommend you use the latest Chrome or Firefox browser. Note: Android devices work best on Chrome. If you’re on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) you will need the Jane Online Appointments app which is available on the app store.

– Ensure you have a working camera and microphone on your device

– Earbuds may be helpful for clearer sound (not necessary)

– Give yourself some space and good lighting to move around and be seen by your therapist

– Ensure your space is private and free of distraction so that you get the most out of this session

– If you booked an ergonomic assessment, prepare your work/desk environment and set up your video device to see this environment.

– Dress as you would for an in-person appointment (we recommend shorts and a tank top/t-shirt). Be ready to move!

Extended Benefits Plans:

There are currently discussions with the various insurance providers occurring. At this time we KNOW Great West Life, Sunlife, and Canada Life will cover Physiotherapy Telehealth sessions. We can not guarantee that other insurance providers (Pacific Blue Cross, GreenSheild, etc.) will cover Telehealth Physiotherapy. We do know that other clinics’ clients that have used Telehealth Physio for many years now have had success with reimbursement of services but we recommend that you touch base with your provider to be 100% sure.


– All new and existing claims are currently covered for Telehealth sessions. It is best to confirm coverage with your adjuster before starting Telehealth sessions.


– There is no confirmation yet on whether this is definitely covered.
**NOTE: This is changing every day and our Physiotherapy Association is currently in talks with all 3rd party insurers, MSP, and ICBC to help advocate for this coverage.

You can expect to receive the same exceptional care throughout our Telehealth services as you would in the Reformotiv Physio + Pilates Clinic. However, although many situations are served well by Telehealth, not everything will be appropriate. Your Physiotherapist will absolutely inform you if they feel they will not be able to help you and they will direct you to whom else in your own community (another health care profession for example), or the type of referral you may need to receive from your GP to move you forward in your care. Try our FREE 15-minute Discovery session to see if Telehealth will work for you!

Clients will not have to leave the privacy and comfort of their own home thus saving time and money on travel. Our Physiotherapists will be able to assess and treat you using the existing JaneApp platform via its online appointments feature. Each session may include any or all of the following: education, self-mobilizations and release techniques, imagery, demonstration, use of our exercise app, creation and modification of your home exercise program, and more!

You will need a device that has audio and video capabilities and a working WIFI/network connection at a speed of at least 15Mbps. The client and therapist will be able to see and hear each other via their own computer or tablet/phone device. We recommend that you use a space that is private, has room to move, and that you have access to any homecare equipment we have already or would recommend for you (e.g. foam roller, resistance band, yoga block, mat, etc.).


– Yes, we can direct bill all claims. You will be responsible for payment of all user fees as stated above. Keep these receipts for your claim upon settlement.

Everyone else:

– We do not. However, you are immediately provided with a detailed receipt complete with the type of service, duration of service, practitioner name and license number. You can then take this receipt and submit it to your extended health provider.

It is the assessment and treatment of Physiotherapy via a virtual medium. We are using our same JaneApp server for your online appointments. It’s secure and confidential, user friendly, and you already have a login and access to it (nothing new to learn or download!).

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