Sean Lee

BSc, MPT, Clinical Pilates trained, Pelvic Floor certified, Dry needling certified


Mon/Thurs 8am-2pm, Wed 1:30-7:30pm, Fri 12-6pm


Sean Lee completed his Master of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia in 2018, and his Bachelor of Science and Business at the University of Waterloo in 2006. Prior to practicing physical therapy, Sean worked as an analytical chemist in the field of nuclear medicine. His analytical background has led him to embrace an evidence-based treatment approach focused on the specific needs of his clients. He uses a combination of manual therapy, movement-rehabilitation, and individualized exercise programs including Clinical Pilates.

Sean is passionate about Clinical Pilates and has learned through his own practice how its focus on body awareness, controlled movement, and motor learning are essential to injury recovery and prevention. Sean is keen to share his knowledge of Clinical Pilates with his clients so they too can experience these positive changes.

In addition to Clinical Pilates, Sean has advanced training in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy. Sean understands that pelvic floor problems can be both stressful and even embarrassing. To reduce these feelings of stress and embarrassment, Sean addresses pelvic floor problems using a whole person approach in a thoughtful and caring manner. Furthermore, Sean strives to create a space that is sensitive to all gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, and provides treatment with a trauma-informed lens.

When he’s not at the clinic, Sean enjoys living an active lifestyle through running, cycling, and skiing. He is passionate about developing treatment programs that get his clients moving again!

Advanced Certifications:

  • CPA National Orthopaedic Division Level 1
  • Calibrate Clinical Pilates Training
  • Pelvic Health Solutions: Level 1 – The Physical Therapy Approach to Female and Male Urinary Incontinence
  • Pelvic Health Solutions: Level 2 – The Physical Therapy Approach to Female and Male Pelvic Pain
  • Pelvic Health Solutions: Level 3A – Biopsychosocial Reframed (applying the biopsychosocial model to assess and treat persistent pain)
  • Advanced training to treat the following pelvic health conditions: incontinence, prolapse, bowel/bladder health, dyspareunia, vulvodynia, persistent pelvic pain
  • ACCDN Certification in Dry Needling