Movement Inspired

Physio & Clinical Pilates in Vancouver

Optimize Your Health

Reformotiv Physio + Pilates was envisioned and designed to be an innovative, empowering and collaborative space where clients feel a part of the healthcare team. Together we help you achieve optimal physical health and performance for your lifestyle.

  • One-on-one: Our treatments offer individual attention, so you get the best results from each session. One-on-one care, along with the proper space to achieve your goals, allows you to progress through recovery faster, maximize your potential and prevent future injuries.
  • Collaborative: We are committed to open communication with you and other practitioners involved in your care. This ensures you receive the most comprehensive care possible.
  • Client-centered: We are respectful and responsive to your needs and goals to ensure we are achieving the greatest results for you.
  • Integrative: Our integrated services offering Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Pelvic Health, Registered Massage Therapy, Intramuscular Stimulation, and client workshops translate into a balanced approach to your care.

The Space

At Reformotiv Physio + Pilates, we’ve curated a space to inspire the very best in you. Our facility offers private treatment rooms to accommodate one-on-one care, a spacious gym, and Pilates Studio allowing for individualized treatment and client workshops.

We have a retail space alongside our client lounge filled with products for purchase that complement your therapy session.

Every detail of our space was created with your health and wellness in mind. We want you to feel a part of our community and connected to your healthcare team.


Come to your session early or stay late to relax in our client lounge. Plug in to catch up on emails, enjoy our reading selection, or unplug and sit back with a healthy snack or beverage from one of our Community Partners.