Diana Ramirez

Client Services Manager


Diana is a dedicated professional who has embarked on a journey shaped by her passion for education, personal growth, and a love for nurturing the well-being of both herself and those around her. Born and raised in the vibrant culture of Mexico, Diana’s early experiences revolved around adult education and managing educational centers. However, driven by her aspirations for an enhanced quality of life, she made a significant decision to move to Canada. Here, she embarked on a new path, choosing to study to expand her skill set in this dynamic field.

She finds boundless excitement in acquiring knowledge and skill sets that empower her to make a positive impact in her chosen profession and currently pursuing a master’s degree in business administration. Furthermore, she embraces diversity and values the opportunity to learn from different cultures and perspectives, enriching her own understanding of life and its intricacies.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Diana indulges in her love for coffee. During her leisure hours, she delves into the world of coffee cultivation and preparation, honing her skills through barista courses. Also, she has a deep-seated passion for yoga; she understands the profound connection between physical and mental well-being and encourages others to treat their bodies with kindness and respect, advocating for holistic health as a wellness enthusiast.