Reformotiv Physio + Pilates is an integrative and collaborative physiotherapy and pilates clinic located near Vancouver’s Olympic Village. We worked hard to create an environment for healing that promotes learning, fosters individualized growth, and ultimately improves physical health for good. To us—and to our clients—movement is a lifestyle. So whatever your health goals are—performance improvement, rehabilitation from injury or surgery, or achieving specific physical milestones—they are our goals, too.

We love our location just North of Olympic Village and just a few blocks from the seawall. This community is vibrant and alive with recreation lovers morning to night. Our team of experienced and dedicated physiotherapists offer one-on-one, personalized assessments and treatment plans unique to every client—from the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, from the injured to the active newbie. We inspire many different people with several different goals to live their best, healthiest life in motion.

Our approach to optimizing your health is a holistic one. Which means, we assess and map your body’s entire chain of movement. Everything is connected, and to improve one area, we have to consider the whole. Our treatment plans include whatever is necessary to your unique physical needs—physiotherapy, clinical pilates, registered massage therapy, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, intramuscular stimulation, and more.

Who we treat

Our physiotherapy services include working with clients who require:

How we treat

Our process is simple yet detailed.

1. Initial assessment

This is 55 minutes and very thorough. We will assess your entire chain of movement—this means everything; not just what hurts—because everything is interconnected. We’ll dive into your past medical history and all aspects of your lifestyle too. Everything including gut health, support systems, social life, recent and past traumas, and mental health can impact the way your body moves through the world. We will also review your recreational activities, and discuss your work and lifestyle demands. With these factors in mind, our physiotherapists author a personalized treatment plan to optimize your health and set you on a path toward optimal mobility and wellness.

2. Subsequent treatment

After your assessment, each visit will be 25 or 40 minutes following along your treatment plan. If you (or we) feel this should be extended, we can also do 55-minute subsequent treatments.

Where we treat

Our location just north of Olympic Village means we’re just two blocks off Vancouver’s Seawall and a convenient stopover after a run, walk, or bike. And, since we’re just outside of the downtown core, car commuters enjoy affordable and abundant parking.

Come visit us near Olympic Village today. Book your physiotherapy appointment now.