COVID Safety Plan

This COVID Safety Plan has been prepared to inform you of 
Reformotiv Physio + Pilates practices based on guidelines provided by: 

BC Provincial Health Authority  |  WorkSafeBC  |  BC Centre for Disease Control  |  The College of Physiotherapists of BC  |  The College of Massage Therapists of BC

  We ask that everyone comply with the infection control procedures while at the clinic for the health and safety of others as well as themselves. All of our staff have received thorough training on these policies and procedures and each staff member has direct access to our safety plan manual.    

Disclaimer: This COVID Safety Plan has been updated with interim guidance for the prevention and control of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. It is based on the latest available best practice and scientific evidence. The guidance may change as new information becomes available. 

Physical Distancing Measures

  • Signs are placed throughout the clinic to showcase our procedures and hygiene guidelines. Physical distancing stickers are used on the floor to help space out clients in the waiting area and direct flow of traffic.
  • The intercom system will be used to access entry into the clinic throughout the entirety of our operating hours. Only those with a scheduled appointment will be able to access entry to the clinic (or delivery personnel).
  • To limit the number of people in the waiting area, our Client Services Staff (CSS) is to inform clients at the time of booking that they should arrive no earlier than five (5) minutes before their scheduled appointment.
  • A plexiglass screen has been placed on the top of the front desk to help create separation between the CSS and the client.
  • A contactless payment terminal is available for payment at the front desk; clients will be encouraged to keep a credit card on file for ease of payment and receipts will be delivered via email whenever possible.
  • Our Physiotherapists can also offer our excellent care via a Telehealth/Online appointment to minimize risk and exposure.
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Health Screening

  • All staff are to complete our Health Screen Questionnaire two hours before each shift.
  • All clients are to complete our Health Screen Questionnaire before entry into the clinic for their scheduled appointment. This will be emailed to each client 5 hours before their scheduled appointment time.
  • If anyone exhibits any signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection including but not limited to fever, cough, or any symptoms of COVID-19; have traveled outside of Canada, or have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 in the past 14 days, we ask that they reschedule their appointment. Call 8-1-1 and consult a Medical Practitioner.
  • Should a client feel ill and need to reschedule their appointment, we will not charge them for their missed appointment. Physio appointments may be able to continue via our Telehealth/Online appointments service as appropriate.
  • Please note: As an essential service, clients are not required to share their vaccination status with us. If a client is ill and their appointment needs to be rescheduled, we will ask for their vaccination status in order to provide current BC-CDC guidelines on isolation/symptom time. If a client is not comfortable sharing their vaccination status, we will make a note on their file and follow the current guidelines for non-vaccinated individuals when rescheduling their in-person appointment.

PPE and Hygiene

  • All clients must wear a medical grade face mask while in the clinic. If you do not bring your own, a medical grade surgical face mask will be provided upon entry.
  • Each therapist must wear a KN95 or medical grade mask provided to them during the entirety of their time in the clinic.
  • Additional PPE (including gloves and eye protection) may be worn at the discretion of the client and therapist.
  • Upon entry to the clinic, everyone must use our supplied hand sanitizer at the front desk.
  • Everyone must follow the BC-CDC hand-washing guidelines as posted by each sink
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Updated Cleaning Procedures

  • Regular disinfecting of high-touch areas throughout the clinic is completed every 2 hours. 
  • Treatment rooms and gym equipment are fully cleaned and disinfected between each client.
  • Health Canada approved cleaning products are being used to disinfect and sanitize the clinic.